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Shark of the Month
June 2021

Angular Roughshark

Photo credit: Featured Creature

Angular Roughshark

Oxynotus centrina

Quick Facts:

  • They have no commercial value in the Mediterranean because local fisherman think they’re bad luck.

  • Uniquely shaped rough-shark with huge knobs covered in dermal denticles over the eyes.

  • Located on continental shelves and upper slope from 50−780m. The most common at depths >100m.

  • To move, the Angular roughshark glides on the bottom, sometimes hovering over the sandy or muddy surfaces of the seabed.

  • In Angola, the litter size is around 7-8 pups. In the Mediterranean they have up to 23.

  • Have lanceolate upper teeth and blade-like lower teeth with 12 rows of teeth on either side.

  • They have a compressed body, triangular in cross section, with a broad and flattened head.

Location: Found in the eastern Atlantic, from Norway to South Africa and throughout the Mediterranean. Once present in the Adriatic and Aegean seas, but are now rare in these areas.

Length: 50-150cm (19-59 inches).

Age span: N/A.

Weight: N/A.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable.

Diet: Benthic worms, crustaceans, molluscs, and teleost fishes. Can predate on the contents of elasmobranch eggcases. Thought to be a suction feeder.

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