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Shark of the Month


April 2021

Brown-banded Bamboo Shark

Brown-banded Bamboo Shark

Chiloscyllium punctatum

Quick Facts:

  • Popular in aquariums because they are hardy sharks that can survive outside of water for several hours.

  • Nocturnal feeders, these animals use their sensitive barbels to look for prey in the sediment. 

  • Males reach sexual maturity between 68 to 76 cm (27-30 inches) long while females mature at 63 cm (25 inches).

  • Young individuals have distinct dark bands on their body. Adults are light brown and lack any colour pattern on the body.

  • These sharks are harmless to humans. They may nip divers if provoked.

Also known as: brown spotted cat shark, brown-banded catshark, brown-spotted catshark, grey carpet shark, and spotted catshark

Location: Distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region including the coasts of India, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines.

Length: 41 inches (104 cm)

Age span: 25 years

Weight: N/A

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (NT)

Diet: Crabs, polychaete worms, shrimps, and small fishes.

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